Restoration Project of Zheng AnJing Qitong

2012 visit to Oo Syak. Group in front of AnJing's Qitong.

YouTube Video of Oo Syak Visit.

The AnJing Qitong building over 500 years old was an Oo Syak village community and social center where reverance was paid to ancesters. The current condition was caused by years of neglect. Chinese law protects the building as a cultural relic. The building cannot be torn down and rebuilt. Plans for the building restoration began over a decade ago. Oo Syak Gee Lu member Basilio Chen visited Hawaii from California at that time to inform us of the plans making a presentation on Oo Syak Gee Lu AnJing Qitong ties, and why we would be interested in participating in the restoration. There was little if any follow up.

Basilio Chen is a leading force in the renovation helping with the planning and fund raising. Many Oo Syak members have known Basilio for decades and know of and respect his integrity, his Chinese history and governmental knowledge. Basilio reports Temple renovation is in three phases with a budget of approximately $245,000 U.S. dollars. Phase I is complete. Phase II is short of funds. There are 345 donors to date. Oo Syak connected individuals desiring to make a donation will be provided instructions for sending donations.

The temple will be used as a town hall (community and social center) and will be maintained by retired villagers.

Incentives for individual donations are open for suggestions. Ideas include memorial bricks, legacy trees, etc. for donors to remember passing and living Oo Syak ancestors. For a certain amount of donation one could get a certain size of brick, and so forth.

Click here to see the Oo Syak AnJing Qitong video. AnJing Temple.

AnJing Temple Renovation Donation Tiles.

Anjing Qi-tong at present time.

Future rendition of the Anjing after restoration.

Story of AnJing from the Zheng jukpu.

History of the Temple.

Progress of the Restoration

Just an update to the question...who has been doing the restoration? per our friend Basilio....

.....Is a company based in Beijing that specializes in historical relic restoration. You have the rendering of their early analysis where they first tabulated all the detailed items the building has as historical relics. All the carvings, special beam structures, the special tiles they used. Hundreds of cataloged items done by this firm. This is not a job that any ordinary construction company can do. It is highly specialized and accredited by the government for this type of work. I have seen the contract with their name. The committee did a good job at negotiating the fixed labor cost due to concern of inflation time and the company was very cooperative and understanding about the funding coming in Phases. They were gracious and their work ethics I hear is very good. Going into the construction and due to the Covid, they had to rush the roof in anticipation of a strong rainy season which proves to be a reality,......

So, this company is following their contract and are concerned about the restoration.

The Temple Roof - First Priority

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