Basilio Chen Presentation-Cheng Family 2810th Year Celebration in ZHENGZHOU

On January 23, 2005, member Basilio Chen made a PowerPoint presentation of the Cheng Family 2810th Year Celebration in ZENGZHOU at the Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Board of Directors meeting. Mr.Chen's presentation was outstanding giving the members much information about family history. Among other things, it was learned that the surnames Cheng, Chen, and Chang identify the same family. Basilio reported that the Chinese hosts treated them royally. The Chinese people lined their motorcade route welcoming the "Oversea Chinese" return to China.

The Zheng Clan 2810th Year celebration was held in the birthplace of the first Zheng (Cheng). He was son, the direct royal descendant of the Zhou Dynasty, sent to the Province of Zheng, part of Henan Province now, to rule that country. This was the year 806 BC. Since then, there is a written record of every descendant of every Zheng up to 1945 published in 30+ volumes. There are only 12 million Zhengs in the world and most of us can be checked since 90% of Zhengs will have a double-nail in our pinky toe. There is a strict rule that Zhengs cannot adopt boys.

The 3-day celebration marks the first time the Zhengs in the world have come together in the Zheng Province. Day-1 on October 29, 2004, included registration and the welcome banquet. Day-2 on October 30, 2004, had the opening ceremony, inauguration of the 3-Lord Statue, and the Stone Laying Ceremony of Zheng Clan Industrial Zone. The final day-3 on November 1, 2004, included the Ancestor Tomb Ceremony, a Cultural Seminar, Economic and Trade Fair, and finally the Farewell Banquet.

Following the formal celebration, the US Zhengs went to Sam Heong/Oo Syak for ancestor and family root searching activities. This root finding and Zheng celebration trip was especially important to give roots back to all our foreign-born family. There was a tour to visit the ancient relics of Oo Syak and Kiu Tau which dates back almost 600 years when the first Zheng came to rule Zhong San from Oo Syak. Other activities included celebrating Zheng heritage in Sam Heong and a special celebration of Dr. Holt Cheng's medical heritage.

Zheng Documents

Mr. Chen was on his way to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Oo Syak and was so generous to stop in Honolulu for less than two days to meet us and make the informative presentation. For more on Basilio Chen, please click on to Basilio Chen's bio.

Meeting Photos

Photographed after the meeting, front L-R: Connie Mark, Allynne Tom, Basilio Chen, Edith Won, Wah Jip Chang; Back L-R: Ed Chang, Anthony Chang, and Ellen Chang.

Before the meeting at King's Inn Restaurant, L-R: Ellen Chang Lum, Basilio H. Chen.

Basilio Chen during his presentation.

Basilio Chen doing his PowerPoint presentation.

L-R: President Edith Won receiving a gift from Basilio Chen.

After the meeting posing L-R: Anthony Chang, Basilio Chen, and Ed Chang.

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