Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Group Trip to Oo Syak Village in 2007

"The Oo Syak group from Hawaii would like to thank Basilio Chen, from San Francisco, who welcomed us to Oo Syak village and was both an interpreter and "goodwill" ambassador for our trip. He introduced us to new friends and family at our first visit to our ancestral village."

Trip Photos

Hawaii group on the BIG BLACK ROCK from which Oo Syak got its name.

<--Group lining up in front modern Oo Syak administrative office building
Jamie Chang and Connie Mark accepting a gift from Party Secretary Young of Oo Syak Village-->

<--Group at a gateway
Group in front of the Sanxiang government building with Party Secretary Liang Xin (Sanxiang)-->

<--Cheng Kwun Ying Statue

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