Many of you know the Hollywood character Charlie Chan.  Detective Charlie Chan. 
Famous Hollywood movie character Charlie Chan was in fact based on Honolulu Police Department Detective Chang Apana, who joined the force in 1898. Energetic and fearless, Apana was renown for remarkable achievements as a detective. he retired in 1932 after serving 34 years as a detective. Chang Apana died in 1933, and is buried at the Manoa Chinese Cemetery in Honolulu.
Chang Apana is also of surname  鄭 and was also from the Sam Heung Village.  see more in this website
The Cheng's have contributed to much cultural developments in the world but also world politics.
Do you know that Sun Yat Sen on his escape from China during the Ching Dynasty hid in Hawaii and established the Revolutionary Society as an organization to raise the fund which allowed him to complete his grand task to creating the Republic of China or what is modern China today.  In his Revolutionary Society, there were 38 original members were each donated $1 and gave their name to begin a massive fund raising movement which took out the Ching Dynasty.  I examined the record and found 10 out of the 38 names to be Cheng's.  That is more than 25% of the Revolutionary Society was were our relatives.
In addition, Zheng GuanYing (also spelled Cheng Kwun Ying) in the late 1800's wrote a book which stated the concept of Economy instead of War.  This book was studied deeply by all later leaders including Mao Tse Dong, Deng Xiao Peng, Sun Yat Sen.  The thesis in the book became Sun Yat Sen 3-principle doctrine which he used to motivate the rebel movement against the corrupt Ching Dynasty and later set the stage for todays' development of China.  Since then the People's Republic of China has followed the concept of concentrating in economic development instead of war.  We can see that China today prefers staying out of war conflict while remaining focused in developing its economy.  This concept was promulgated by our past relative Zheng GuanYing of Sam Heung.
Lastly, there is also Dr. Holt Cheng who made history in the USA by sueing the Federal Goverment for not allowing Chinese Sausage to be imported.  Dr. Holt Cheng was also a Sun Yat Sen revolutionary supporter.  Dr. Holt made his fortune in Hawaii later to go to the USa and receive the first medical degree ever to be given to a Chinese descendant in the State of California.  He made headlines in the newspaper in a article titled "First of Race to be Admitted to Practice Here... Chang A. Holt, a Chinaman, is made a Physician by Examiners... Enterprising Chinama who qluaified for San Franscico Certificate as Doctor".  Dr. Holt Chang later returned to China and was said to have seeing Empress Dowayer as a patient.  Dr. Holt Cheng was the father of Dr. Homer Cheng residing now in Florida and their children are also physicians.  But Dr. Homer Cheng was also a member of the revolutionary army during the Anti-Japanese resistance when Japan invaded China.
Today we enjoy having 2 Cheng's who have served the United States in highest political office.  One of them is former Hawaii Senator Anthony Chang and the other is former Silicon Valley mayor of Milpitas Henry Chang Manayan.  Anthony resides in Hawaii and Henry reside in the Silicon Valley but interestingly enough Henry is also from Hawaii.  We are beginning to suspect that the trade winds of Hawaii makes succesfull rebels (for a good cause), political leaders and movie stars out of our Cheng's.
If our spouses always wondered why you are so difficult to manage...well tell them is not your fault your DNA makes you do it!!!