Dear Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunties,
Thanks to Joyce Chan and my visiting with many of you around the world, I am sending you a first grand hello to all Cheng's in the new compiled list.
The surname encompasses the many romaniced versions of Cheng, Chang, Zheng, Jang, Chiang, Jung, Tay and some Chen (like me) and Chang.  Irrespective of the romanized version, we are all related by DNA.
Enclosed please find 2 photos of our ancestor, the first Cheng 鄭 with his son and grandson.  Our great grand father ancestor of all Zhengs was the son of the Late Zhou Dynasty Emperor and given the title of King to rule the region of ZhengQuo in modern times Zhengzhou.  He was also son on the maternal side to the 11th descendant of the Yellow Emperor.  We are priviledged to be descendants of a King who had 2 royal lines, paternal and maternal.
There are only 12 million Zheng's in the world, not that many compared to 1.8 Billion chinese.  So we think of quality not quantity.  Nevertheless, we owe it to ourselves to work closer together as a worldwide family and help each other financially, professionally, morally, socially and emotionally.
There is a family success code left by our dynastic ancestors which describes knowledge, behavior, treatment toward our family and others, and even penalties for improper behavior.
In order to compile a larger database of all Cheng's in the world, please let me know any contact information for their email and name or phone number.
There is a world reunion of Zheng in Taiwan and then in November in our ancestral home in Henan Province (Zhengzhou city).
Eva Chen in Panama can you kindly compile emails from Francisco Jr and the others.
Fernando Chang me mandas email de Patricia, Lili y Nati y tus hijos tambien son Chang.
With Warmest Regards,
Basilio Chen (Cheng/Zheng)