Dear Cheng Family Members,
Here are some photos of the rock formation at the Top of Hill in Sam Heung, Oo Syak.
These photos show very old rock formation which are very smooth similar to the ones you find near the ocean fronts.
It is said that hundreds of years ago, this area in Sam Heung was next to the sea. You can also find houses in the Sun Yat Sen village whose walls are made of oyster/clam shells.
Sam Heung has a recorded history of more than 900 years. Our Cheng ancester, Hang Sup Gung, was sent here by government edit. He was 22 years old when he was proclaimed to head the greater Zhongsan area. That area was larger in those days than today. Back then it covered the territory from the south border of the city of Guanzhou all the way to the ocean. It is said that this land was among the most fertile in the region.