Honolulu, Hawaii


A publication for and behalf of the members of this Society


June 2002                                                                        Vol. V, No.2






By the time you receive this newsletter hopefully there is still time left to submit an application for the Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Scholarships. Please pass on copies of the application to Oo Syak Gee Lu Society members who are or will be full time students this fall. Scholarship applications will be accepted up until 6:00 p.m. on June 8, 2002.


In itís fourth year, our society will award four $750 scholarships. Last year we had four $500 scholarship, however, only three were awarded. If you are not yet a member, you can still apply for membership before the June 8, 2002 scholarship application deadline. To apply for Oo Syak Gee Lu Society membership, please call Ed Chang at 623-5910 (H) or 543-4227 (W). Email address is echang@hei.com.


If we have more than four applications, three independent judges will select the winners who will be introduced at our August 10, 2002 Annual Banquet.




Our annual banquet is on August 10, 2002 at the Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant in the Ala Moana Hotel. Thatís a Saturday, and we start gathering at 5:30 p.m. Unlike other Chinese banquets, we donít believe in delaying the start of dinner. The program will start no later than 6:30 p.m. with dinner following soon after.


The menu this year is:

Assorted roast meat platter

Diced winter melon soup

Shrimp with honey glaze-walnut

Chinese chicken salad

Choy sum chicken

Stuffed duck with jai

Sautťed fresh flounder with vegetable

Almond float


For 7 courses and dessert, the cost is  $180.00 per table of ten or $18.00 per person, tax and tip included. Our society will cover the amount over and above this price. You eat in a very classy restaurant for a very reasonable price. You save over $4 per person. Please call Donna Chang (537-4015) or Connie Mark (455-5221) to make reservations.


As a reminder, members 70 year old and older are free. All you do is call Donna or Connie to reserve a place or places.




For the members to get to know our officers and directors, the following is the first of a series of question & answer interviews that will appear in the newsletter starting with our President,

Maile (MC).


Question: When did you join Oo Syak?

MC: Thatís a hard question. It has been so long. If I can guess correctly, I joined in the 1960ís when my husband (the late Harvey H.Y. Chang) signed me up. We were married in 1962, and I became a member soon after. My husband was an officer, and I can remember attending banquets at the old Wo Fat Restaurant.

Question: When did you start becoming an officer?

MC: Thatís another hard question. I believe it was in the 1980ís.

Question: What other Chinese societies do you belong to and are active in?

MC: I try to stay active in Sam Heong and Chang Wing Yong Tong.

Question: What do you get out of belonging to these societies?

MC: I enjoy socializing with the people. There are many good people to meet and attend functions with.




The museum is no longer located on King Street due to the sale of the building that used to house the museum. Last December 2001, Ed and Ellen Chang, and Ernest and Lillian Chang went on the maiden Hawaii cruise of the Norwegian Star. On the cruise Ed and Ellen met and dined with James and Florence Ho. James Ho is the curator and president of the museum, which is still looking for a new home. Currently, the museum items are being stored in the Hoís home, waiting for space to become available. Once a new home is found, James Ho will need volunteers to help set up. This may be a great community service project for Oo Syak.




Our newest members are Calvin K.S. Chang, Mannfred B. Sen, Ellen K.M. Sen, and Leanne M.Q. Lum. Calvin Changís parents are William Kam Sing Chang and Violet Ah Lan Liu. His grandfather is Chang Hee.  Mannfred Senís parents are Sin Lum Tao and Lum Shee. Ellen K. M. Sen and Leanne M. Q. Lum are the wife and daughter, respectively, of Mannfred Sen. Welcome to the Oo Syak Gee Lu Society.




Did you notice the article and photo of Cathy Chang in the April 10, 2002 MidWeek? Our member Cathy Chang is a former bodybuilding champ. The article mentions that Cathy was previously featured on MidWeekís cover in July 1987 when she had been named the Hawaii state representative for the American Federation of Women Bodybuilders. During her bodybuilding competition years, she traveled extensively, placing third in the 1977 and 1978 Miss Eastern United States competition, and then placing second in the Miss Body Beautiful USA in New York two years in a row.


Cathy and husband, Donald Y. T. Chang, hosted the annual Hawaii International Invitational Bodybuilding Championship from 1981 to 1988. Cathy retired from competition in 1987 to pursue a less hectic career in the legal field.




The Board of Directors reminds you that the quarterly meetings are open to the membership. These meetings are held on the third Sunday of January, April, July and October.


After the meetings, a generous lunch is served at no charge. Call Donna Chang or Connie Mark to let them know you are attending so we can arrange for enough tables at Doong Kong Lau Restaurant.


The next meeting will be held on July 14, 2002, instead of the usual third Sunday of the month.




If you have any Society announcements that you would like included in this newsletter, please contact Ed Chang at 543-4227 or email at echang@hei.com. Suggestions will also be appreciated.