Honolulu, Hawaii


A publication for and behalf of the members of this Society


October 2001                                                                  Vol. IV, No. 2


DATES TO REMEMBER: November 18, 2001 Annual General Membership/Election Meeting


January 13, 2002 Installation of Officers Meeting


NOVEMBER 18, 2001


Mark this date on your calendar and call Maile Chang (946-6781) or Donna Chang (537-4015) to reserve your seat or seats at the Doong Kong Lau-Seafood Restaurant. The meeting starts at 11:00 a.m. and lunch will be served after the meeting. This is your chance to vote for the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee or a candidate “nominated from the floor.” Members must be at least 18 years old to vote, and be a member in good standing for at least 3 months before the date of election. There is no charge for the lunch. The candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee are:

Pres.: Maile K. Chang

1st VP: Edith P.S. Won

2nd VP: Alvin G.K. Chang

Treas.: Daryl H.K. Hu

Eng. Secr.: Donna N. Chang

Chin. Secr.: Wah Chock Chang

Directors:           Kenneth K.C. Chang

                    Norbert K.P. Chang

                    Wah Jip Chang

                    Harold K.C. Hu

                    Constance K.H. Mark

                    Gertrude C. Yee

                    Raymond K.H. Young


Doong Kong Lau-Seafood Restaurant is located in the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Shopping Center.  It is on the ground floor facing the river. Door prizes will again be given to lucky Oo Syak members.


JANUARY 13, 2002


All members are invited to the installation meeting. Again, please call Maile Chang or Donna Chang to reserve your seat or seats at the Doong Kong Lau-Seafood Restaurant. The ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m. and lunch is served soon after. There is no charge for lunch. Just come and enjoy yourself. Door prizes will also be given away.


The following Sunday, January 20, 2002, is our regularly scheduled Board of Director’s Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend.



Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Board of Directors at its October quarterly meeting approved a donation to a September 11, 2001 disaster fund.  The specific fund will be selected at its November 18 meeting. God Bless America!


For 2001, donations were made to the following organizations: The Palolo Chinese Home, the Shanghai Children’s Palace Art Troupe, Miss Chinatown Hawaii Scholarship Pageant, the Narcissus Festival Pageant, and the Lion Dance Association.



On the recommendations of Henry T.H. Chang, an Oo Syak Christmas Party is being planned for the first week of December 2001. Henry Chang volunteered to help organize this party. The details will be discussed at the November 18 Annual General Membership Meeting. Again, this party will be free to all members of Oo Syak.



Three $500 scholarships were awarded to the following Oo Syak members, Emi M. L. Chang, Jeffrey K. G. Y Chang, and Lindsay K. L. Chang.


Emi M. L. Chang received her Bachelors of Education degree in May 2001 and is now enrolled in the University of Hawaii graduate program in Counseling and Guidance. She hopes to graduate with her Masters Degree in two years. Emi’s parents are Nathan and Sandra Chang.


Jeffrey K. G. Y. Chang is also attending the University of Hawaii studying Graphic Arts. He plans on working for a Graphic Design company, and eventually owning his own company. Jeffrey’s parents are also Nathan and Sandra Chang.


Lindsay K. L. Chang graduated from Bradley University in May 2001 with a B.S. in Biology Pre-professional and a minor in psychology.  Lindsay is currently attending King’s College in Pennsylvania enrolled in the Physician Assistant program. Her parents are Robert A.H.C. and Mary M. Chang.



Our annual banquet was held on August 11, 2001 at the Wo Fat Seafood Restaurant. A delicious 7-course dinner was served. Highlights of the program included the scholarship awards, presentation of Longs gift certificates to the attending Past-Presidents, plant centerpiece prizes, and the Frank Delima show.


The Past-Presidents attending and receiving a gift certificate included Harold K. C. Hu, Byron Hu, Wah Jip Chang, and Raymond K. H. Young.


We thank our 2nd VP, Edith P. S. Won, for arranging for a surprise performance by Mr. Frank Delima. No other Chinese society in Hawaii can boast that they had a comedy performance by the renown Frank Delima at their annual banquet.


Mr. Delima’s cassette tape and CD are available for sale to help raise funds for his select charity. Please contact Edith Won to purchase a tape or CD.


At the head table was Mrs. Eunice Lum Chun. Mrs. Chun has donated Oo Syak Gee Lu Society’s very first Banquet banner. She remains very active as Principal of the Tai Koong School, and is philanthropic to many Chinese needs.


Master of Ceremony, Raymond K. H. Young, again did a superb job. His humor and mastery of the Cantonese language makes him a great Oo Syak MC.


Finally, we thank Banquet Chairperson, Maile K. Chang, for again organizing another successful banquet. Maile spends many hours each year making sure that all details are covered and nothing is missed. Because of Maile and her committee our banquet ran smoothly and everyone had an enjoyable evening.



The Oo Syak Gee Lu Society banquet banner pattern was displayed at our October 21, 2001 Board of Directors meeting. A photo of the banner is presented at the end of this newsletter.


We are thankful that Mrs. Eunice Chang Lum Chun is donating this 5 ft. wide and 3 ft. high silk banner to use at future banquets and special occasions. Mrs. Chun paid for the banner and also arranged for the design. She personally enlisted the artistry of Stephen Yee, a renown Bay Area professional art designer who has devoted himself to Chinese traditional painting for more than forty years.

An attempt was made to interpret the design of the banner. If the interpretation is not 100% correct, Mrs. Chun will provide the proper interpretation in a future newsletter.



It is with regret that we report the passing of member Edward Tai Wong Chang on September 10, 2001 at the age of 75. He was a retired machinist foreman for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shop 31. He is survived by wife Flora; sons, Clayton and Dr. Bradford Chang; and daughters Tanya Dote, Gaylian Heister, and Raynelle Cobb. His brothers include Henry T. H. Chang and George T. H. Chang.



We are happy to report that we have two new members, Mrs. Mabel C. H. Chang (wife of the late Robert H. K. Chang) and her daughter, Mrs. Julia H. W. Yang. We hope to see more of them at our BOD meetings.



The Board of Directors reminds you that the quarterly meetings are open to the membership. These meetings are held on the third Sunday of January, April, July and October.


After the meetings, a generous lunch is served at no charge. Call Maile Chang, 1st VP, at 946-6781 to let her know you are attending so we can arrange for enough tables at restaurant.