Hi Ed,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I was looking through my father's copy of the 8th Naval Construction Battalion Cruise Book (similar to a yearbook) and noticed that there were, as far as I can tell, three Asian-Americans in the 1000+ man battalion:
Daniel Kim, California
Wah Chock Chang, Hawaii
Quenten Fo, Hawaii
I did a Google search on Wah Chock Chang and found your website.
I have created a website, http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/the8ball/main.html, that presents an overview of the Battalion and the reunions that were held over the years.
Unfortunately Wah Chock Chang is not listed as one the reunion attendees.  At the time,  we did not have the internet with its social networking on the World Wide Web, and search engines that facilitate communication.  As a consequence, there are a lot of battalion members who lost contact with each other over the years.
Irv Kettering
Anaheim, CA

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Hi Irv,
I believe he is the same Wah Chock Chang. I remember him mentioning the Seabees. Wah Chock is currently in a nursing home, and I don't get to see him. But I believe he still has his mind. He must be around 86 or 87 yrs old.
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My father was is in US Navy Seabees during WWII.  One of the members of his battalion was named Wah Chock Chang.  I am curious as to whether or not the Wah Chock Chang that belongs to your organization is the same individual.
Irv Kettering
Anaheim, California