Oo Syak Gee Lu Society 2008 Scholarships

The Annual Scholarship Awards dinner was held on July 12, 2008 at the Mandalay Restaurant on Alakea Street. The Oo Syak Board of Directors met with the scholarship recipients, parents and grandparents, and judges.

The 2008 scholarship winners presented alphabetically:

Cynthia Chang

Parents: Terrence Wing Lok Chang and Barbara Bott Chang
Grandparents: Gilbert Pat Tate Chang and Loretta Sun Yew Chang
Cynthia is entering her junior year at the University of Iowa where she is founder and president of the Mahjong Club. She is interested in art and museums. Cynthia and her family are from Downers Grove, Illinois.

L-R: Loretta, Cynthia and Gilbert Chang

John William Kwan Mung Chang

Parents: Roy Kam Sau Chang and Anna Jeung Chang
Grandparents: Gordon Dai Fun Chang and Evelyn Yin Wong Chang
John William will be a senior this coming school year at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He is working towards his goal of becoming a dentist.

L-R: Roy, John and Anna Chang

Morgen Lai On Chang

Parents: Anthony Kai Ung Chang and Lisa Konove
Grandparents: Hoo Kin "Robert" Chang and Ethel Fook Oi Chew Chang
Morgen is considering a major in linguistics or sociology, with a minor in elementary and secondary education. She is proficient in the Chinese language.

L-R: Anthony and Morgen Chang

Taryn Ga Ling Chang

Parents: Duane Koon Fong Chang and Shirleen Wai Yung Ng Chang
Grandparents: George Tai Hung Chang and Eldora Lau Chang
Teralyn will be a student at Idaho State University where she will work towards a career in Pharmacy. She is a graduate of Kalani High School where she had been a part of the Girls Air Riflery Team since 2004. She was the team captain for the past two years winning the silver medal for the OIA Girls Riflery in 2007 and won the gold medal in 2008.

L-R: Duane, Teralyn and Shirleen Chang

L-R: Teralyn, Morgen, and John Chang

L-R: Paul Stankeiwicz (judge), Cecilia Wong Muldoon (judge), Teralyn Chang, Morgen Chang, John William Chang, and Debbie Hsu Siah (judge)

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