A Visit with Hampson & Evangeline Lum February 23 & 24, 2007

The Lums hosted Ed & Ellen Chang during their visit to San Francisco for Ed's work. On February 23 the Lums treated the Changs to delicious dim sum lunch at the Great Eastern Restaurant at 649 Jackson Street. The Changs said that this was the best dim sum they have eaten. After lunch Hampson and Evangeline took Ed and Ellen on a great tour of San Francisco, through Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio, and Golden Gate Park.

The next night Hampson and Evangeline Lum took Ed and Ellen Chang to the Gway Sen Benevolent Association Chinese New Year party at the Kay Cheung Restaurant at 615 Jackson Street, for authentic San Francisco Chinese banquet dinner. At the dinner, Ed & Ellen met members such as President Kaymond Yung, Mr. & Mrs. Jang (Mr. Jang served as president several times), Chinese Secretary and Mrs. Cheung, and Cindy Cheung (wife of Basilio Chen). The society had three tables, but the Changs were not able to remember all the member's names. The menu included tofu soup, bok choy platter, whole cat fish, salt & pepper shrimp, seafood & vegetables, fried tofu with vegetables, pork hash, vegetable platter, rice prepared in an earthenware with lup cheong and roast pork on top for flavor, and warm tapioca dessert.

Ed and Ellen Chang are very thankful for the wonderful San Francisco hospitality given by Hampson and Evangeline Lum. San Franciscan hospitality is just as good or better than Hawaiian hospitality.

Standing, L-R: Mr. Cheung, Chinese Secretary, Mrs. Yung, Mr. K. Yung, President, Mr. Jang, Past-President, Mrs. Jang; Seated, L-R: Mrs. Cheung, Cindy Cheung, Ed Chang, Ellen Chang, and Evangeline Lum.

L-R: Ed Chang, Ellen Chang, Evangeline Lum, and Hampson Lum at the Kay Cheung Restaurant.

L-R: Cindy Cheung, Ed Chang, and Ellen Chang.

The Hampson Lum Party

The Hampson and Evangeline Lum Party February 2, 2007 at the Mandalay Restaurant on Alakea Street

Mr. and Mrs. Hampson Lum are from San Francisco, CA. He is from Oo Syak, but moved to California at the age of 12. He is a past-President of the San Francisco Chinese societies similar to Hawaii's United Chinese Society, a Director of the Metropolitan Bank in Oakland, CA., and he and his wife, Evangeline Lum, are avid and proficient Ballroom Dancers. Mr. and Mrs. Lum were in Hawaii for the Annual Narcissus Festival Coronation Ball.

Guests of Honor, Mrs Evangeline & Mr. Hampson Lum, of San Francisco, CA.

L-R: Connie Mark, Evangeline Lum and Hampson Lum.

L-R: Evangeline Lum, Hampson Lum, and Edith Won.

Seated L-R: Margaret Chang, Maile Chang, and Donna Chang. Standing L-R: Kenneth Chang, Pam Rock, and Ellen Chang.

L-R: Teralyn, Shirleen, and Paulette Chang.

L-R: Paulette, Maureen, and Jamie Chang.

Seated L-R: Wah Jip Chang, Pam Rock, Ellen Chang, and Ed Chang. Standing L-R: Jamie Chang, Maureen Chang, Evangeline Lum, Hampson Lum, Taralyn Chang, Shirleen Chang, and Paulette Chang.

Seated L-R: Magaret Chang, Maile Chang, Donna Chang, and Connie Mark. Standing L-R: Kenneth Chang, Evangeline Lum, Hampson Lum, Edith Won, and Herbert Mark.

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